As a school owner, you want your students to get a job and make money. This is becoming more important now than ever. In the beauty industry, change is constant. We know how difficult it is to keep your curriculum relevant so your students are learning the information, systems and scripts that owners are looking for when hiring. With schools facing declining enrollments, building a reputation as an industry-leading school is the key to increasing enrollments. Students (and their parents) want to attend a school that is going to teach them the tools for success.

"Only 1 out of 5 students are doing hair after they graduate from school. The numbers are alarming. Prosper U will help keep your students in the industry. Our programs provide students with the tools for a great career."

- Eric Fisher



By incorporating the Prosper U programs into your current curriculum, you will build a strong reputation.

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raise your retention

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improve your placement

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boost your enrollments

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increase your income

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enhance your school brand.


Here’s a look at a Prosper U’s school numbers. SEE THE NUMBERS


"The Prosper U program developed by Eric Fisher is simply the best business curriculum for cosmetology schools that I have seen. With a simple straight-forward style, not only does it give students a greater chance at career success, but it has helped us increase our profitability. I would highly recommend Prosper U to any cosmetology school owner."

- Larry Curtis, Taylor Andrews Academy




The Prosper U programs are hands-on and results-driven designed to create success for your future beauty professionals.

At Prosper U, we believe there are three keys to success in this industry – the business skills, the technical skills and the soft skills like communication guidelines and chairside manners. Prosper U combines all three by giving future professionals the fundamentals and discipline for a great living. Let’s be honest; gone are the days when a good haircut and being nice were all you need to build a great business. Today future professionals need the tools to ATTRACT, MAXIMIZE & RETAIN clients.



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