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Color Trends for 2020 - Natural Looking ...

Haircolor predictions for 2020 call for healthy, glossy, natural hair.  As we launch into a new year and decade; influencers are predicting that we will move away from dry, over-processed...

The Skittles Manicure

The Skittles manicure, an array of rainbow, multi-colored nails is the latest nail trend to hit Instagram.  Characterized by each nail being painted a different color or by using a...

Barbering - Why You Should Consider Cutt...

Why cut the top first?   The truth is that most clients don't have a perfectly shaped head.   How many times have you gotten into a haircut and realized you had some...

Side swept bangs are perhaps the most requested fringe in the salon.  Its a great compromise or starting point for those who aren't sure if they want the commitment of a full fringe.  

 Side Swept Bangs 1Side Swept Bangs 2


Take a triangle shaped section in the front from recession to recession.  Pull the section to the opposite side of where you want the fringe to fall.  Cut from long to short and soften using a point cutting technique.  Brush into place, check the lenght and spray with light hold hairspray to set in place. 


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Wednesday, 18 September 2019 00:00

Hottest Product for Fall/Winter 2019.... Gel

(photo from Aveda Institute Portland)

The favorite product of hairstyists this season is, without a doubt, GEL.

 The looks from September fashion week were dominated by styles created with gel.  

Sleek backed hair or ponytai - gel.

 Gel 3


Messy grunge inspired hair - gel.

 Gel 2


Sculpted fringe and waves - copious amounts of gel.

 Gel 1

These are some of our favorites gel products:

Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Blowdry Volumizing Gel

Aveda Brilliant Retexturize Gel

Paul Mitchel Super Clean Sculpting Gel

Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel

Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel


Grab that forgotten tube or bottle of gel and reacquaint yourself with this product and all that it can do!Gel 4

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Thursday, 08 August 2019 00:00

Updo - How-to: The Breeze with Eric Fisher

"The Breeze" is an organic, romantic updo perfect for an evening event or wedding. Follow along step by step with Eric Fisher to recreate this look.  


  • Thermal protectant
  • Light Hold Hairspray


  • Large Tooth Comb
  • Tail Comb
  • Curling Iron with 1" barrel
  • Hair Elastics
  • Bobby Pins


  1. Pre - curl the hair.  Use a 1" curling iron and spiral curl the hair towards the back of the head, away from the face.
  2. Lightly comb out the hair using a large tooth comb.
  3. Separate the hair from the crown to behind each ear and clip the front sections out of the way.
  4. Backcomb the hair at the crown; taking a larger section of hair, overdirect the hair to the front of the head and backcomb for a good, firm base.
  5. Repeat the backcombing with a few more sections, interlocking them as you go.
  6. Smooth the top of the hair and pin the backcombed hair under the crown.  Pull and shape this area as desired.
  7. Separate the back section of hair into 2 smaller sections.  Using an elastic and 2 bobby pins; create 2 small ponytails at the occipital.
  8. Take one of the front sections and divide it into 2 sections.  Elevate the sections towards the crown and twist the hair into a roll.
  9. Pin this hair into the backcombed section at the back of the crown.  Repeat on the other side.
  10. Loosen the rolls on the sides as desired for an organic, romantic look.
  11. Take one of the ponytails in the back and separate the curls with your fingers.  Twist and de-construct this hair, wrap and pin into the hair above.
  12. Repeat on the other side.
  13. Evaluate your look for balance and deconstruct as desired.  


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Customer service is such an important part of our industry. Eric Fisher was recently interviewed by Maggie Mulhern of Modern Salon Magazine while at the Premiere Orlando 2019 Show.  Check out his 10 best customer service tips for salon pros here.  Customer Service: How to Keep Your Client Happy, Modern Salon, June 4, 2019.


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Micro bangs 1 

Super short fringe (baby bangs) is definitely trending right now but micro fringe can be tricky to cut.  The end result should be soft and textured to keep the look current and modern.  


micro bangs 2

Its important your client understands the commitment to perfect baby bangs.  This will not be a wash and go look.  It will require some styling and blow drying every morning.  But once they are ready for the chop -  here are some important tips for you to master this statement look.  

  1. The blow dry is CRITICAL to create this fringe. You must blow dry the fringe area to smooth and stretch the hair.  Hair that isn't smooth will turn into a broomstick.   Use the concentrator of your blow dryer and the spine of the comb to press the hair as you blow dry in both directions to control growth patterns and cowlicks.  
  2. Take a horizontal section of hair as your guide and clip the rest of the hair out of your way. Use shorter shears and work close to the skin.  Start in the middle of the forehead and point cut the length away.  A proper blow dry will prevent the hair from "exploding out" and starting in the middle allows for balance on both sides.
  3. After your guide is set; you will begin to layer the top section,. Take vertical sections following the natural fall of the hair to create layering. Elevate 90° horizontal to the guide and point cut weight off of upper surface, so as it comes down it does not fall to a single point like one length hair. There will be a nice softness and bevel towards the forehead. 
  4. Use a blending shear to remove any excess weight off the ends of the fringe.  
  5. Finish styling with a product like Redken Dry Shampoo Paste which will provide separation and texture without being too oily.  


Watch as Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa, demonstrates cutting a micro fringe.


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