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Monday, 24 September 2018 00:00

Image Making: A photo shoot with Eric Fisher

Image Making



Get a behind the scenes look of a photo shoot with renowned stylist and photographer, Eric Fisher (@ericfisherhair).  In this interview, Eric uses one model to create 10 different looks while giving you insider tips on how to produce a great image. From the hair and makeup, to the right pose you'll see how he evokes emotion in each image.


Image Making 2



- Always use the mirror when prepping the hair for the shoot. The mirror is like magic for hairstylists. It allows you to see the entire picture.
- Wigs are great to use in shoots because a lot of professional models don't like to cut their hair.
- Adjust your lighting for each hairstyle.
- Choose either a strong lip or a strong eye when doing the makeup. Don't accentuate both.
- Have an appreciative eye. Get inspired by magazines and books. Study the images in them.


Image Making 3


Remember, you are going to take a bunch of pictures to get the perfect one! Keep shooting until you get it. Keep scrolling to watch the video.



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