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POSTED: Oct 29, 2019 | in Updo

One Minute Hairstyle from Trendafilka Kirova


We are LOVING this quick upstyle from 2019 BTC Winner Trendafilka Kirova @another_braid. Trendafilka is a licensed hairstylist who taught herself how to braid.  We are mesmerized by her braid magic.

Although the finished style looks complex, if you master the steps you can provide your client with a polished upstyle in no time!  Quick updos are a great way to increase your average ticket, especially during the holiday season when everyone wants to look a little more special.


  1. Take 2 sections from the back of the head, leaving a space in the middle
  2. Place the left section over the first and second fingers of the left hand.
  3. Cross the right section over the left
  4. Pull the left section up over the right and grab with the first and second fingers of the left hand, pulling thru the loop
  5. Tighten and smooth the tails.
  6. Take 2 more sections right next to the outside of the first 2 sections.
  7. Repeat the process
  8. Continue taking sections until you run out of hair.
  9. Secure final sections with bobby pins. 

While we love the simplicity of the 'one minute knotted braid' - if you are a master braider you might enjoy her more advanced techniques.  

 Check her out!