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POSTED: Jul 23, 2019 | in Color

Silver Transformations - Eyes on Jack Martin

Jack Martin (@jackmartincolorist) of Tustin, California has built a name for himself in the color correction industry.  Jack's clients come to him from all over the country seeking freedom from covering their grey and Behind the Chair has recently named him HotShot Color Transformation Finalist for the 4th year in a row.

Silver Transformations with Jack Martin 2

(Photo credit @jackmartincolorist)

While alot of colorists would tackle this process over a course of appointments and several months; Jack has developed a system to work this transformation in a day - a 9 to 12 hour day!  Although Jack doesn't reveal the exact cost of the transformation - he will say that it is "a lot!"  

We love that Jack is always willing to share his process and the time it takes to achieve the beautiful results. 

Silver Transformations with Jack Martin 1

(Photo credit to @jackmartincolorist)

STEP 1: Remove the artificial dye using MailbuC PRO CPR for 45 minutes, followed by Pravana Color Extractor in two separate applications (20 minutes each time.)

STEP 2: Bleach the hair from the natural gray to ends. Using Wella Blondor with 30 volume developer (Olaplex added), apply in foils in fine sections. After 90 minutes, open each foil and apply a fresh mixture of the color to the warm areas. This process took about four hours, lifting to the lightest pale blonde. Rinse.

STEP 3: Pre-tone using Redken Shades EQ ½ oz 9V + ½ oz 9B + 1 oz Clear mixed with 2 ounces processing lotion. Process for 20 minutes. Rinse. Dry hair 70%. 

STEP 4: Apply Kenra Professional 10S (Metallic Silver) mixed with 6 volume developer to the processed hair only (leaving out the natural gray root.) Process for 30 minutes. Finish with an Olaplex number 2 treatment for 20 minutes.

We also have wondered how well the silver transformation lasts for his clients.  Wonder no more!  Jack recently shared pictures of a client the day her hair was done as well as a shot three months later.  He was very quick to say that his client followed the at home regimen of shampooing with cold water, using purple shampoo, eliminating the use of hot tools and using a deep conditioner once a week.  

Silver Transformations with Jack Martin 1 

(Photo credit @jackmartincolorist)