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Haircolor predictions for 2020 call for healthy, glossy, natural hair.  As we launch into a new year and decade; influencers are predicting that we will move away from dry, over-processed...

The Skittles Manicure

The Skittles manicure, an array of rainbow, multi-colored nails is the latest nail trend to hit Instagram.  Characterized by each nail being painted a different color or by using a...

Barbering - Why You Should Consider Cutt...

Why cut the top first?   The truth is that most clients don't have a perfectly shaped head.   How many times have you gotten into a haircut and realized you had some...
POSTED: Apr 23, 2019 | in Business

Business Advice from Eric Fisher: My 3 Core Values


Core values are what support your vision, shape the culture you want to create and reflect what you hold important.  Core values are the essence of the identity you want present to the world.

Although I have core values for each of my companies; I want to share my 3 personal core values.

1) Mastery.  Invest in yourself and be as good as you can get - at whatever you do.  Malcolm Gladwell says it takes about 10,000 hours of work to achieve mastery. Practice what you want to perfect.

2) Flexibility. Go above and beyond the call of duty.  Come in early and stay late. Be open and available to your clients' needs.  

3) Humility. Don't let your ego get in your way.  Always be humble.  



Eric Fisher