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POSTED: Apr 4, 2019 | in Haircut

Styling Tip: One Length Haircut with Eric Fisher


One Length Haircut

Most people think a one length haircut is the easiest haircut to perform.  On the contrary, its probably one of the most difficult.  Watch as Eric Fisher demonstrates the keys to a perfect one length cut.  


How To:

A one length haircut is no elevation, no shifting, no pressure on the hair.  While you can cut a one length using your fingers or the back of your hand to hold the hair; the best way to cut a one length is to cut it using your comb to hold the hair in place.  A comb is a straight edge and it doesn't lie. Insert your shears behind the section of hair being cut and guide it into your comb.  Comb the hair down to the desired length and using the comb as your guide, cut the hair.  

Challenge yourself to try this technique the next time you do a one length haircut!