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POSTED: Jan 18, 2019 | in Interview

Interview: Roy Jay White, The Hillbilly Barber on the Impact of Mentors


In this interview with Roy Jay White (@thehillbillybarber), he shares how he got started in the barbering industry, how mentors played a key role in learning the business and how he built a successful barbershop. 

Roy Jay White

About Roy Jay White:

RoyJay White comes to the Hattori Hanzo cutting team with a powerful reputation in the world of barbering. His family legacy as a fourth generation barber has helped mold him into the cutting machine he is today.

RoyJay has 15 years of experience behind the chair and as a barbershop owner.  He has created a national cutting system he calls "Chop Suey," specializing in short hair cutting for both men and women. "I want to deliver 100% accurate, researched information and valuable techniques in my teachings. Hattori Hanzo gives me the platform to teach artists who aspire to be creative and truly change the world."

RoyJay White's 7 years of teaching in salons and as a platform artist have placed him in high demand. His high energy, motivational delivery and infectious passion can assure when he enters the room and delivers a seminar, you will not forget this guy!


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Photos via Roy Jay While Instagram (@thehillbillybarber)