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POSTED: Apr 19, 2018 | in Business

Business Advice from Eric Fisher: Rules to Live By


  1. B.O.T.: Be on time. And if you're not, apologize to your clients.

  2. BE WELCOMING: Pretend like your client is a long lost friend, a famous person or your grandmother.

  3. FEEDBACK: Give your client the best consultation. Say you understand what she's saying. Nod your head up-and-down in agreement. Look him in the eyes.

  4. NON-NEGOTIABLES: Mention the client's name at least three times. Always make eye contact, touch them with a handshake, smile until your face hurts, say "My pleasure" and end every appointment with "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

  5. ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES: Don't let your ego get in the way of success. The client defines quality and the client is always right.

  6. BE ON STAGE: Always look great. Remember in this business, you've given the right to have a bad day.

  7. BE INSPIRED: Read the latest magazines. Look at what's trending. Follow trend setters on Instagram. Take advanced education classes. Watch industry how-to videos.

  8. RESET: Between appointments and at the end of the day reset your work area. Knoll your tools. Wipe down the counters, drawers, products and walls. Clean your work area. Make it look like new.

  9. KEEP A LIST: Remember the things your clients tell you about their kids, their upcoming vacation, awards they win, etc ... Write it down so you can talk about it with them at their next appointment.

  10. KEEP IN TOUCH: Capture your clients' emails. Email them about specials on services, products and information that can help them look and feel better. Use social media to market to your clients.

  11. GUARANTEE: Guarantee your services and products. Remember the client defines quality.

  12. FOND FAREWELL: Hug your client and say goodbye like you mean it at the end of every service.

Eric Fisher

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