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Spotlight Worthy: Product Promos

Product Promos 1

Increase your retail revenue with product promotions.
Our LiveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy offers product promotions to help increase retail sales. The promotions are included in the monthly newsletter and signage is used to promote the offers in the retail area.

1. Have your students talk about the products while they use them.
2. At the end of the appointment, have the student walk their client to the retail area, take the three main products that they talked about during the service and put them at the front desk.
3. Have your students use the script: “Taylor, these are the products I used on you today. In my professional opinion, these are the best products for you.”

Retail is the most profitable part of our business. It is 6x more profitable than services.To make retail work for your school, don’t SELL the products, teach your students to TELL about the retail products. Product promotions are a great way to get your students talking about the products you sell.

Eric Fisher Academy’s total retail dollar average is $36,000 a month and their product per client average is $20.61.

We hope this best business practice will help you grow your school. If you are interested in learning more best practices and becoming a Prosper U school, join us for a VIP Visit at our LiveLAB - Eric Fisher Academy. Contact us today at 316.425.5245.

Thank you,
Eric Fisher

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