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Spotlight Worthy: Daddy/Daughter Date


MINI EVENT: Daddy/Daughter Date
Our LiveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy, hosted a mini event called the Daddy/Daughter Date. The event was held on a Sunday from 1pm - 3pm. At the event, dads were paired with two students. One student taught the dad how to execute the style they requested to learn, while the other student gave the daughter a pedicure or a mini make-up application. The mini event included a photo booth, goodie bags and refreshments.

Calling all dads! Would you like to learn how to execute perfect ponytails, beautiful ballet buns or pretty braids for your daughter? In this hands-on workshop, our future professionals will show you how! While you style, your daughter can relax with a pedicure or mini make-up application. Click here to the event details on the EFA Facebook page.

A fun event that booked up in a day! There was such a high demand that Eric Fisher Academy had to open up more spots.

We hope this best business practice will help you grow your school. If you are interested in learning more best practices and becoming a Prosper U school, join us for a VIP Visit at our LiveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy. Contact us today at 316.425.5245.

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Eric Fisher

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