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Strategy - Culture - Business: Inspiration from around the web [22nd Edition]

Enjoy today's collection of articles from around the web!

Strategy Final

Want a Nice Company Culture? Be Nice.
by Shari Harley
People are busy and stressed. Reading the news is stressful. Sitting in traffic is stressful. Feeling we need to check our phones at all hours of the day and night is stressful. It’s easy to make someone’s day at work better. Why not do it? Read more here.

How To Ask Purposeful Questions to Engage Your Team
by Lee Colan
Plenty of books are filled with lists of questions, but asking questions without a clear objective is like playing the question lotto. Very occasionally you might get lucky and win, but most of the time you will come up empty-handed. That's a loss for you and for your team member. There is rarely a right answer to a wrong question. Read more here.

YouTube SEO: How to Optimize Videos for YouTube Search
by Amanda Zantal-Wiener

When I was just a wee lass and HubSpot was first starting to make a name for itself, inbound marketing was a brand new idea. Marketers were learning that they couldn't just publish a high volume of content -- it also had to be high-quality and optimized in ways that made it as discoverable as possible through search engines. Read more here.


 Culture Final

The Best Makeup and Beauty Instagram Accounts
by Allison Fox
Sometimes when we think we need a whole a makeover, all we really need is to tweak our beauty routine. Even the unicorn lipstick that once made us feel invincible can start to feel stale after a while. Read more here.    

Lived In Color/Lived In Hair Class
by Rameriz Tran Salon
All you aspiring cosmetologists, we've got something really special for you!! Please email or call the salon to verify and learn more about this opportunity. See more here.

Retrain Your Mind - Motivational Video
by Be Inspired
The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, apply the 5 second rule. Watch here.


Business Final

How To Easily Create Professional Looking Videos for 4 Popular Social Media Platforms
by Annie Crawford
Video is dominating social media marketing. In fact, experts predict video will account for 80% of global internet traffic by 2019. So now is the best time to master the medium. Read more here.

The Podcast with Gordon Miller: Episode 13 Ruth Roche
by American Salon Staff
The Global Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, Ruth Roche is an award winning, editorial and celebrity stylist who has captivated audiences around the world. The self-proclaimed “weirdo” is one of americansalon.com’s favorite (and most viewed) contributors.  In this weeks podcast, Ruth shares with Gordon her views on career, education and social media.
 Listen here.
How To Manage a Negative Yelp Review
by Lauren Quick
Premiere Orlando 2017 featured a wide range of classes on Saturday, June 3. Stylists and salon owners could learn about hands-on skills like cut, color and style, but there was also business-minded education aimed at increasing clientele and optimizing time and resources. Matthew Wiggins, brand consultant for marketing firm Social Beautify, presented Digital Marketing Made Beautiful to standing-room-only class at Premiere Orlando 2017. One particularly engaging portion of the class covered reviewing platform Yelp, the importance of it to a salon business and how to manage negative reviews. Read more here.

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