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Quit taking it personally


Did you know the average Prosper U school increases their retail by 68%?
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The Drivers of Success program teaches students that selling retails is like going to the gym and working on your muscles. The first time you do it, you are really sore. The second time you do it you are sore. The third time you do it you are sore ... but not quite as sore. The fourth and fifth time it becomes easier. You're still sore, but barely. By the seventh and eigth time it becomes much easier. You hardly notice the soreness, and you discover that it's getting easier. The more repetitions you do of something the greater you will be at that particular thing.


It's important to teach students that when they promote retail products they need to be enthusiastic. They need to get excited about the ritual of presenting products. They need to "go to the gym" and practice telling others about retail. And if somebody doesn't want a product, it's not personal. It's professional. If a client doesn't buy products, don’t let your students get discouraged. Tell them to keep trying!

8 out of 10 clients

Get your students to start practicing selling retail. Eight out of ten clients won't buy retail if you don't tell them about the products. Start today and watch your retail numbers grow!

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Before I go, I want to invite you to visit us at the upcoming CEA + AMP Annual Convention, July 15 - 18. Stop by booth 309 and enter to win an iPad Mini 4. We're looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

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