Prosper U Business Training Program

Welcome to Prosper U! We are ecstatic you want to learn more about this world-changing business program! The Prosper U Business Training Program is innovative, hands-on, result driven. It is designed to create success for beauty professionals. This revolutionary, new method for teaching business practices will engage beauty professionals to think past just technique and into how-to grow their business and make more money for a lifelong career.

Prosper U contains in-depth insights and best practices from industry professionals and experts in the private and public education fields.

We believe there are two sides to success – one side is the passion and the other side is discipline. Prosper U combines both sides by giving your students the fundamentals needed to be successful. Let’s be honest, gone are the days a good haircut and being nice are all you need to build a great business. Today, your students need the tools to ATTRACT, MAXIMIZE and RETAIN clients.


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